Friday, March 27, 2015

When Do Blue Jeans = Art?

Do your kids go through jeans like crazy? Do you have a perfectly good pair of jeans that are worn out at the knees or backside? No sense throwing it away. Save it for art! 

Blue Jean Heart card

I have three boys. They are all grown men now, but when they were little we went through a lot of clothes. To say I was frugal would definitely be a true statement. If I couldn't find something at Walmart or Target, I didn't buy it. Sometimes I'd get hand-me-down clothes from some of my friends with boys. That was a real treat. It's not like I couldn't afford to purchase clothes, but when you have boys that play rough and wild, it does not make sense to spend a lot on clothes.

There are loads of things you can make with blue jean fabric. Here are just two ideas.

Cut jeans in the shape of a heart. Zigzag stitch around the perimeter and use as an embellishment.

Blue Jean Heart Embellishment

In the photo, below, I cut the back pocket (my favorite!) and adhered it to a chipboard book. Keep the little brand label, too! I've added some paper flowers, safety pin and charm, and even a hair clip with ribbon. Get creative!

Blue Jean Pocket on MiniBook

Have you used blue jeans in any type of art before? Please share your ideas! I still have a drawer full of blue jean fabric to use! ;-)

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