Wednesday, March 18, 2015

In Search of and Praise of Creativity

I can usually find creative inspiration most everywhere. In church, at the beach, in a hotel, at a restaurant. But this past weekend I found it at a music festival. My DH and I went for the weekend to visit my BFF in Jacksonville, FL. She and her husband live on the river with this fabulous view.

One of the many events on our trip, but an impromptu one at that, was the Natural Life Festival in Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, FL.

As I was listening to the live music and perusing the various Artisan booths, sample sale tables, and food trucks, my eye was very keen to colors and shapes and...who set this whole thing up? I was so impressed with what they had to offer and how well it was put together. I kept thinking about logistics (yes, my mind works that way!) Wait, what a great idea to sell plastic cups with festival logo and have a HUGE barrel of did they get this large water container here?

food trucks

The festival had a "hippy" vibe, which old and young alike were totally getting into. There were loads of games and fun for kids. They had bean bag toss and crafts and they could tie dye T-shirts.

Various buckets of dye on the grass with different colors.

T-shirts were drying on a clothes line in the sun. There were alphabetical place cards where you would pin your shirt to dry near the first letter of your name. Who thinks of that little detail (I actually would!). I was so impressed!

They even had a photo booth thingie (below) with the face cut outs...what is this called?? Who cares, it was so cool.

And by the way, remember that it is March? I live in Florida and Jacksonville is in the upper right corner of the state. It was like 85 degrees. I'm sorry, northerners. It has jumped right into summer down here! 

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