Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Brand New Online Workshop: Art Journaling for the Non-Expert

Introducing a BRAND NEW online workshop for those of you who are dying to try art journaling but were afraid or intimidated or...whatever the reason.

Art Journaling for the Non-Expert with Shirley Pando

Have you always wanted to start an art journal but feel intimidated by all the gorgeous pages you see on Pinterest and Flickr? Do you think to yourself, “I can’t draw, I can’t paint, I don’t make art as well as (fill in the blank)”? UGH! I sometimes feel the same way. But don’t let that stop you from beginning your journey into art journaling. Come find that safe place to learn techniques, experiment with supplies, and be wild and adventurous with your creativity. In an art journal, sometimes called a visual journal, anything goes…there are no rules! Let’s hear it for creative freedom! J

Join me for this 3 Week/6 Lesson workshop to (finally!) begin the art journal you’ve always wanted to start. You’ll learn about different types of journals and papers, the pros and cons of using gesso, create backgrounds, and work with patterns and collage. You’ll also learn fun ways to jump-start your creativity. If you've taken any other workshops with me you know there will be TONS of videos and techniques to keep your creative streak going. Now you, too, can express yourself in your own unique way. There’s no pressure to compete with others or share your work. Just be encouraged to create!

Lessons include:
·         Lesson 1: Having a Good Art Journal Attitude; Journals, Papers, and Supplies
·         Lesson 2: Creativity Starters and Stash Busters - Moving Past a Creative Funk
·         Lesson 3: Color Play – Overview of Color Theory, The Pros and Cons of Using Gesso, Coloring Mediums, Creating Backgrounds
·         Lesson 4: Pattern and Collage – Adding Life to Your Pages
·         Lesson 5: Getting Transparent - Creating Transparent Layers with Papers, Transfers, and More!
·         Lesson 6: Soul Statements, Use Your Words, Journal Prompts

Start date: Tuesday March 31, 2015
Length:  Six Lessons, 3 Weeks
Price: $25 Early Enrollment Special! Price will increase to $30 on 3/31/2015.

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