Monday, February 23, 2015

Using Masculine Cardmaking Materials for the Men in Your Life

Let's face it. It is much easier to create handmade birthday cards for females than it is for males. For masculine cards, you have to be rather clever with your colors, papers, and embellishments in order to create a card that is appropriate. One of my brothers-in-law's birthday is this month so I had better whip up a manly card for him!

Creating Birthday Cards for Men

Take a look through your supplies and see what you already have that would be a great addition to a masculine card. Look for items with hard edges rather than light or frilly edges. This could be all things industrial, architectural, bold and graphic, wood grain, and indestructible!  While you can purchase some embellishments for your masculine cards, there are also some items quite near to you that you may not have thought of. 

Distressed round metal rimmed tags
  • Distressed items - Distress inks, edge distresser, and rumpled and crumpled tags.

    Metal tags
  • Metal items - Metal brads, metal tags, and metal rimmed tags.

  • Cork - You can find papers with a cork pattern on it and also actual thin cork paper to cut tags out of.

Watch parts
  • Sand paper - Tear it and use it as a background.

  • Watch parts - Use a metal glue to attach them to your card surface

Achieve masculine card

plaid and blue jean fabric

  • Fabric -Blue jeans, pinstripe, plaid, and bandanna.  Glue it, stitch it, use fusible, or secure it on your card with brads at the corners.

  • Corrugated cardboard

  • Metal Mesh or screening - Make a pocket for a gift card.
Good Job card - gift card holder

Cut mesh about an inch larger on each side than the finished dimensions. 
Fold the top edge over a metal ruler, taking care of your fingers.
Fold over screening edge

Fold the right and left sides and the bottom edge 
behind the cardstock piece so the sharp edges are in the back.
Tuck behind card panel

  • Craft wire:

To create this card embellishment, take craft wire...
Character traits

...twirl it tightly around a pencil...
wire on pencil

...slip it off, then flatten it to create the cool wire embellishments to slip in tags.
curled wire

Or what about some goodies from the Home Improvement store?

Electrical tape
electrical tape

 Metal washers
Metal washers

Paint chips
paint chips

Weed Eater line replacement
Weed Eater "'string"

 Mailbox letters
mailbox letters

Take a trip through your stash with new eyes. I bet you will find at least a few things that would work well for your next masculine card!

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  1. Great ideas for guy cards... would love to see the final card for your BIL! TFS!