Friday, February 6, 2015

Life's Too Short for Ugly Supplies!

If you are a crafter or artist then you probably want to create pretty stuff. Am I right? Do you have stuff in your stash of supplies that you really don't like? I sure do. And I say Life's Too Short to use stuff you hate...Only Use Pretty Stuff!

Live's Too Short Baby Embellishment

Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't some of the things I have. I spent good money to purchase it, certainly I could use it for something...or so I think.  Yet, there it sits on a shelf or in a box...unused after several years. UGH! But why waste time on ugly things or things you really aren't interested in any longer? I say life's too short to spend time on trying to make things work that you really don't like any more. ONLY USE PRETTY STUFF!

I have way too many things that I DO like and it often paralyzes me to even walk into my craft room. That should not be. Before I even work on another project I'm vowing to reorganize and remove things I don't like. Of course, I'm not just going to trash the stuff...someone could use it. For now, I will box it up and put it in another room for storage. If I haven't thought about it for a few months I am donating it to a school or other worthy cause. There, I said it and that's the plan. I already feel lighter!

I'd much rather spend time making pretty things like this little baby embellishment I made several years ago for a baby shower. It was on the package I gave the new-mom-to-be. I don't remember what I got her as a gift, but I do remember how much I and everyone else at the shower LOVED this little trinket.

Baby Embellishment

So are you in possession of stuff you hate, too? Will you be purging your stash? Here's to a new way of life by only creating with pretty things!

ETA: Last weekend I spent time reorganizing my craft room and ditching things I really don't like. Two bags of garbage later, and several boxes to donate somewhere, I am making progress. Life is good and I feel inspired to create...pretty things, of course. :-)