Friday, February 20, 2015

Best and Worst Crafting Products

In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards and the ever-present Best and Worst dressed list that goes along with it, I have put together my "best and worst" crafting product list. OK, it may not really be best and worst...more like favorite and what products would I bring with me on a desert island and what can I live without?

Best and Worst Crafting Products Awards

So without further ado, the "official" BEST AND WORST Crafting Products Awards:

First, let me preface this by saying that this list is subjective. What I might not like may be your favorite and vice versa. That's totally OK.

Let's start off with the favorite crafting goods:

Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint
    • Acrylic paint...Pretty much any brand is OK by me. I could NOT live without acrylic paint if stranded on a desert island.

    • Bazzill cardstock - OK, this one's not really fair. The only cardstock I've used (besides cheap stuff that I would never purchase again) is Bazzill. 80# textured cardstock...simply the best in my eyes.
    Scotch ATG

    • Scotch ATG Gun - THE BEST glue runner of all time. Sure, it is large and bulky, but it is worth its weight in gold. Long lasting, easy to change the refills. Totally tops in my book!
    Xyron 150 Create a Sticker

    My WORST list? I'm almost scared to tell you. So sorry...but, I personally don't like:

    • Faber Castell Gelatos - I don't know what it is with these, but I would much rather use watercolor paints than these things. It is just one more thing I don't use. Feel free to leave me a comment and "school" me on this! I know many of you love them.

    • Spray Gesso - I originally purchased this product because I thought it would make quick work of gessoing journal pages. I used this product this past weekend to gesso 17 chipboard pieces size 8" x 8" front and back. It ran out on the very last surface. Sure it covered well, but that's not very much product. I'd rather not breathe the toxic fumes (yes, I sprayed outside in the "cold" Florida winter). I really like to use a paintbrush and spreading gesso, as well as paint, is therapeutic to me. I will purchase spreadable gesso from now on.
    Tombow's Mono Multi Glue

    • Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue - This stuff is so sticky I cannot use it without getting messy. And it doesn't clean off your hands like most other glues do. I DO like Tombow's Mono's actually one of my favorites! (Yes, I should have put it in the BEST category!)

    So there you have it. As of today, that's my BEST and WORST list. So what crafty products are your favorites and which products you can live without? Inquiring minds want to know!


    1. Enjoyed your list. I'm with you on the Gelatos - don't get it.

      1. Hi McStamper, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I thought I was weird!! Thanks for stopping by.


    2. Best dressed is ditto on acrylics paints and stencils. Along with those I have to add a glue eraser by Ad Tech. It has saved my project more than once. Also Fiskar Swvel Thumb Craft knife. Great to get in small areas when cutting out a stamped image.

      Ditto for gelatos on worst. For the most part mine sit unused. My grandchildren love playing with them. Xyron Creative going on this list only because of the price of the cartridges.

      1. Hi Myoriah, Good call on the eraser and knife. I don't have either of those. That is true about the Xyron refills, but it is a pretty nifty gadget!
        Thanks for stopping by!