Wednesday, January 21, 2015

UR2 Cool!

Ah, the month of February (yes, it's coming soon) always brings thoughts of Valentine's and those little Conversation Hearts. By the way, does anybody really like those? We always ate them as kids, but they are certainly not my favorite candy!

conversation hearts

So let's get a jump on Valentine's Day and create a few LOVE cards! 

This first card is rather a non-traditional Valentine with it's black and white theme. Yes, you know I do like black. This could easily be an anniversary or wedding card. Very classic.

Damask Forever card

Theme: Love/Anniversary
Card Base: 4.25” x 5.5” 
Supplies: Gray paper, damask sticker (Heidi Swapp) , bling (Heidi Swapp), ribbon, transparent sentiment, ink, cardstock, foam squares
1.      Cut paper to size, ink edges.
2.      Wrap ribbon around paper, adhering in back.
3.      Layer damask sticker on white cardstock and trim closely. Add foam squares for dimension.
4.      Add bling to sticker.
5.      Trim and adhere transparency sentiment.

This next card is one that will fit in a legal-sized envelope. I like to occasionally make ones this size as they are unexpected...and take a "regular" postage stamp for mailing.

I Love You card

Theme:  Love/Anniversary
Card Base: 4” x 9”
Supplies: Patterned paper (Scenic Route), velvet ribbon, cardstock
1.      Cut paper to size and adhere to card base.
2.      Measure ribbon and adhere to card.
3.      Hand-cut heart.  Layer onto cardstock and trim with decorative scissors.  Adhere to card.
4.      Knot small piece of ribbon and attach to heart.

Do you send Valentine's Day cards to people other than your significant other? It would certainly be a good occasion to think of someone you love and send a card! (Note to self: send out Valentine's Day cards to BFF's)

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