Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Orange You Sweet Thank You Card

Did you receive some Christmas gifts? If so, you probably will be sending out Thank You cards. Here's one I made from an unusual material!

Orange You Sweet Thank You Card

Check out the details below.
The background for this card (the oranges) was made from a paper menu. Yep, it's true. My hubby and I were staying at a hotel, somewhere at Disney, I believe, and I swiped the menu for room service because I liked the image on front. We live in Florida, so oranges are sort of special to us. :-)  Who would have thought that it would someday become a thank you card?

Theme: Thank You
Basic Info: Card Base: 4.25” x 5.5”

Cardstock, paper, ribbon, stickers (from an old Basic Grey paper set), journaling pen

1.      Cut paper to size and adhere to cardstock, trim closely. 
2.      Knot ribbon, adhere to front panel, and adhere to card.
3.      Add sticker letters and outline with journaling pen.

Do you normally send out thank you cards? I know for me it was something that my mom instilled in us when we were young. We always HAD to send a thank you card. I think it is such a nice gesture of gratitude. I think I want to definitely send out more...even when I'm just thinking about how much I appreciate someone.

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