Monday, November 17, 2014

Gift Baskets, Bundles, and More! "Young Girl" and "Young Boy" themes

We continue our look into creating Gift Baskets, Bundles and More! Make sure to check out the last post HERE to view our introduction.  Last Friday's post was all about gift bundles with a Family theme

Check out the video below for "Young Girl" and "Young Boy" themed gift bundles.

Themes - Possible themes for your gift bundle may be something general (like a type of food or a color), or it could be geared toward a hobby or sport that your recipient enjoys. 

Your budget - The items you choose for your gift basket should reflect the theme and the recipient’s tastes, but they also should be in line with your budget. (Too many people go overboard during the holidays and there is no need for that.) For instance, say you will be purchasing items for a child who loves Disney princesses. We all know that these licensed items can be quite pricey. To keep your budget intact, opt for one or two “official” Disney items, but then add to the basket with other items that still mesh with the theme, but are less expensive than a licensed item.  These items could be in the same color family or types of items that signify “princess”. You could get a jeweled tiara and a fluffy boa for dress-up from the party store…inexpensive, but still in line with the theme and your budget. 

Will you be creating any gift bundles this year? Share with us!

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