Friday, November 21, 2014

Gift Baskets, Bundles, and More! A Special Gift for Your Artsy Friend!

Creating a gift bundle for your artsy friend is the most fun of all. Why? Well, because you will be collecting items that YOU personally love! If you've missed the previous posts in the series, make sure to click HERE for the introduction, HERE for gifts for the Family, HERE for gifts for young girls and boys and HERE for gifts for your Pets, Adults, and those with a new home.

As a crafter, a gift basket or bundle for an artsy friend may be the most fun gift to prepare!  Their heart races just like yours for paper, fabric, trims, and such.  Think about the type of art they like to do and their style. Are they into art journaling? Card making? Do they like “clean and simple”, Victorian or grungy? Tailor the items in the gift bundle to reflect their tastes. 

You can either make your box a mixture of artsy items or prepare it with a theme like, “under the sea” or “Fall”, or by color like black and pink, pure white, cool or hot colors.  NOTE: Be careful when sending liquids like paints or mists through the mail - at the very least, package them each separately and in a double bag.

Add a bit of your handmade items to their bundle, too.  Do they love stencils? Maybe you own an electronic die cutter and you could cut some stencils from your cartridge images. Maybe you love fabric, like me, and can whip up a few handmade ruffle trims. That’s unique! Much of their gift can come from your own art studio. You know how we all purchase way too many things ;-). Giving to an artsy friend is a good way to purge your stash and give some crafty goodness to a friend. 

Repackaging - Think how you can repackage some bulk items in an artsy fashion. 
  • Maybe you bought a boatload of ribbon.  Wrap a few yards on spools or a manila tag.
  • Hand-stamp some twill tape.
  • Die-cut a few unique tags.
  • If they love collage ephemera, tear out some old book pages from a dictionary, almanac or poetry book.  Roll the papers and tie with ribbon or bakers twine. (Two gifts in one!)
  • Pretty glass jars are perfect for glitter, embossing powders, beads, and buttons. 
  • Package up silk or paper flowers in glassine envelopes, handmade envelopes or little boxes.  
Check out the video below of the gift I made for my dear friend, Catherine.

Share your gift bundle ideas! I love to hear your comments. :-)

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