Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gift Baskets, Bundles, and More! "Pet", "Young Adult", and "New Home" themes

Today we continue with our series, Gifts From The Heart: Gift Baskets, Bundles, and More. If you've missed any part of the series, make sure to head to the Introduction HERE, Part 1: Gifts for the Family, and Part 2: Gifts for Young Girls and Young Boys.

Today we take a look at gifts for your pet, adults, college-aged kids, and teens.

In a pickle over what to get the people on your holiday list? Here are a few ideas:

Adult Male
Is he a hunter? A fisherman? A golfer? A griller? A sports fanatic? Tailor you gift basket to include his favorites.
·         Grill Master – BBQ sauce (maybe the recipe for your “famous” sauce?), marinade, spicy mustard, hot pads, grill tools, apron, skewers, grill basket, etc.
·         Golfer – Golf balls, tees, glove, towel for golf bag, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, ball markers, etc.

·         Exercise Fanatic – Work-out gloves, socks, water bottle, jump rope, weight belt, etc.

Young Adults/College
·         College Dorm Dweller - Shower caddy, shampoo, conditioner, shave gel, disposable razors, body lotion, shower shoes, etc.
·         New Driver/New Car I - Car wash: water bucket, car wash soap, sponges, chamois, drying mitts, window cleaner, car wax, paper towels, squeegee, etc.
·         New Driver/New Car II - Jumper cables, tire gauge, air freshener, car oil, travel mug, key chain, ice scraper (for cold climates!), etc.
·         New Apartment Owner – Dish rack, dish pan, dish soap, sponges, towels, etc.

·         Spaghetti-in-a-Pot – Perfect for a college student or any hungry young adult! Large pot, colander, spaghetti, sauce, cheese, spaghetti tongs, fresh garlic, French bread, fresh hard cheese and grater, pot holder, etc.
·         Munchies – Individually wrapped snacks, candies, water, etc.

·         Technology - Teens are all about technology…think about a skin for their iPhone, cover for their e-Reader, ear buds, etc.
·         Female teen - Nail polish and remover, cotton balls, journal or diary, nice pen, anything with bling, girly-themed pillow, make-up bag, etc.

...and don't forget your favorite pets, too!

Can you think of other gift bundle ideas? Leave a comment and share your ideas!