Monday, October 20, 2014

Creating on the Grid - Fabric Collage

Are you intimidated with fabric? Think you'd like to make a fabric collage or wall hanging but don't think you can do it? I'm here to tell you that you can. If you start off using a grid patterned fabric and then add in little bits and bobs, you can create a gorgeous collage. And you'll gain a boost of confidence, too.

The pattern of fabric that I chose for this piece has a printed grid pattern. This is perfect and lends itself very easily to create a grid of little "canvases” to decorate individually. Even though each square could stand on its own, they all coordinate with each other to complete the piece.

Click below for the tutorial!

Tools & Supplies:
Various fabrics
Felt die cuts
Charms, beads
Embroidery floss, needle
Sewing machine, optional
Fabric adhesive
Iron, ironing board
Pinking shears, fabric scissors

1. Layer your fabric to decide on background. Cut or tear fabrics to size.

This photo, below, shows my layered base fabrics.  
Their finished size is: Gold ~8” x 8”, Lace ~7” x 7”, Checkered ~6” x 6” 

2. Cut a piece of fusible just a bit smaller than your back fabric.  Fuse according to manufacturer’s instructions to the wrong side of your fabric.  Even if you plan on machine sewing your fabrics, fusible is the way to go as it holds fabrics in place and gives your piece stability.

3. Glue or stitch your pieces. I stitched the outlines of each individual square.  If you start stitching from the center and stitch out, you may alleviate a lopsided fabric!   

Each square is a little canvas on its own. Some have fabric scraps, felt pieces, trim, stitching, and beading. Gather up your bits and pieces and just get creative.

   Fabric scraps, felt die cuts, beading, hand stitching

Fabric scraps, felt die cut, beading, hand stitching

Fabric scraps, plastic dove, quote printed on fabric, trim, hand stitching

Fabric scraps, charm, hand stitching

Go ahead, give it a try.I bet you can do it! :-)

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