Monday, September 8, 2014

Creating Stencils and Masks with Cricut

Continuing on from last Friday's post, "3 Crafting Tools You Can Make with Your Cricut". Let's now move onto using stencils and masks.

This stencil/mask, below, is made from a used file folder. Catridge: “Straight From the Nest”, pg. 33, key #6 or A6, Border Shift creative feature at 2”.  

I make my stencils and masks with cardstock, used file folders, stencil blanks and Quilter's Template Plastic. You may wonder about using the cardstock or file folders for the stencils. Yes, they get paint and ink on them. But no, you don't have to wash them off. Use a paper towel to wipe off anything that will smear, but leave the paint on it. The paint will dry and actually stiffen the "paper" stencil so it is even more durable. So what if it rips? Make a new's only paper! 

HINT: I usually will write the cartridge, key number, creative feature and cut size on the back of the stencil so there's quick reference to replace it if needed. But I have never had to create a new one yet.

Tools & Supplies:
Stencils, masks, & stamps made from your Cricut
Fabric paint or acrylic paint + fabric medium
Fabric item to decorate, washed and dried
Paint palette or disposable plate
Foam brush or make-up sponge or sea sponge
Cardboard or scrap paper
Paper towel

1.      You can add a quick spray of repositionable adhesive to your file folder mask, but I just held onto mine.  
2.      Lay your item to be decorated onto a hard flat surface.
3.      Add a piece of scrap paper or cardboard inside your fabric item to keep from transferring paint to the back side of your item.  I added a piece of cardboard behind the apron.
4.      Add some paint to your palette.  Dab your makeup or sea sponge into the paint, but dab it around your palette or scrap paper to take off some of the paint.  You don’t want much on your sponge…you can always add more, but can’t take it off if you add too much.   Hold onto the mask with one hand as you dab with makeup or sea sponge.  The sea sponge gave a nice texture!

5.      Dab with paper towel to clean.  Leave paint on mask to dry.  It doesn't need to be clean.  It won’t transfer to your next project.

**Follow instructions on bottle of paint for setting the paint and cleaning your fabric item**

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