Monday, September 29, 2014

Are You Busy? 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy!

I have been busy, busy since April working to create our new website, Craft Classes Online. Along with that I've been creating a place for my online workshops, Creative Workshops with Shirley Pando, and creating brand new workshops, including "A Crafter's Guide to Social Media Marketing". (for anyone with a crafty business)

Then there's the wife and mom duties and a very large emotionally needy dog! Add in spin class 5 days a week AND a personal trainer appointment two of those days! Yeah, I'm pretty busy. (and quite tired, but I love naps!)

So how do you boost your energy without too much coffee?? Read on...

10 ways you can boost your energy:
  1. Get Moving and exercise for at least 10 minutes in the morning to boost your metabolism for the day. 
  2. Limit Sugar since it causes your energy levels nose dive after they peak.
  3. Eat a Big Breakfast since you have all day to convert the calories into energy.
  4. Drink More Water and other non sugary drinks because being dehydrated is draining.
  5. Drink Coffee for a jolt of but but don't use it as a substitute for food and think twice about a cup of Joe after 6pm since this can affect your ability to get a good sleep.
  6. Laugh It Up because a good laugh boosts your blood pressure and metabolism.
  7. See Some Red since seeing the fiery color makes your muscles move faster and work harder, giving you a burst of energy when you need it most, according to University of Rochester research.
  8. Eat Some Omegas because omega-3 fatty acids improve mood and brain function, essential for avoiding a midday slump.
  9. Turn Up The Tunes. A report in the Online Journal of Sport Psychology says that loud music may be one of the most effective tools for relieving stress and fighting fatigue.
  10. Get Inspired to strive for success and make the most of each and every day.

This info was on today's email newsletter from Garin Kilpatrick. Garin is a writer, marketing and social media strategist, technology enthusiast and internet entrepreneur. I definitely want to learn from him!

So I raise my water bottle to you in hopes that this information will help you find more energy! Leave me a comment and tell me what helps you to boost your energy.

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