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All About Me Album - Journaling About YOU!

OK, so by now you know you have "permission" to journal about yourself. You've decided to create a journal or scrapbook that is all about you...your thoughts, dreams, daily routine, etc. YAY for you!

I thought I'd share the journaling in my All About Me Album. (Pretty scary, but I know I can do it!!)

Yes, the album, above, is made from paper bags! If you missed the videos on how to make it check them out from the links below:

So let's get on with it...Journaling about YOU!

For me, journaling is the hardest part of creating anything meaningful.  I have thoughts in my heart, but it seems so hard to get them down on paper.  I have kept a journal before, but never for an extended period of time.  It usually helps me to have a song lyric or poem to add to my scrapbook pages, because then it at least puts on paper what is in my heart, even if it’s not my own words.

With this project, journaling will be a whole lot easier because I used the cardstock stickers as prompts.  What a lifesaver!  Maybe for you it is easy to get your thoughts on paper, but for those of you in the same boat as me, a prompt can be a wonderful thing!  A jumping-off point.

I journaled through the album page by page.  Remember, journaling can be as simple or as deep and scary as you want it to be.  You can delve into the depth of your heart and soul where you've never been before.  No one has to ever read this.  Just make sure you keep it out of sight!  It’s up to you what you want to write in your journal or scrapbook.

Pages 1 and 2: “Me then” and “Me now”

Maybe you want to chronicle you as a young child and you now. How about fashion changes…that would be a hoot!   Have you overcome a great obstacle in your life that you want to document? Maybe you lost a lot of weight (and that is a great accomplishment!!!)  Maybe you have learned something very hard.  It could be something you learned in school that you thought you’d never learn.  Maybe it is overcoming a fear.  Maybe you want to do these pages on “Me before kids” and “Me after kids”…there’s a whole lot you could say about that. ;-)

My journaling:
“Me Then: I was married very young to the love of my life.  I didn't  know that I was hidden in him.  I didn't  know that I was a shell of a woman.  I really didn't  know who I was.  But I didn't  even know that I didn't  even know.  When he left, I was crushed to the point that I could not fathom a life without him or a life continuing on at all.  All I could do was get up each day and “play” like life was continuing on.  I hid my pain from those at work…thank God I had work to fill my mind."

"Me Now: Nothing could have told me then that life could and would continue.  It is true that time heals all wounds.  God has used the bad that occurred to create a new woman.  A real woman.  I have grown into someone with her own voice and her own mind.  Howard (my current husband) is an amazing person.  With him I have never felt the need to be someone other than I am.  I am free to be me.  I am confident that I can say what I feel, dress as I wish and act silly and goofy if I so choose. And with that, I can create art and let my inner girl fly!”

Pages 3 and 4: 
“What I hide from others” and “What I wish people knew”

These cool matchbooks will hold a whole lot of journaling.  And stay shut so other eyes don’t see what you write!

The topics:
“What I hide from others” – OK, this is scary time.  Or to me it seems like scary.  If you hide it from others, it is something you probably shouldn't  do!!  Or maybe it’s something you think you will be judged unfavorably for.  Maybe you have a talent and you aren't  using it to the best of your abilities because you are afraid of failing…or succeeding!!  It’s true, we often don’t do what we can/should because we are afraid of succeeding because then we will need to keep up the good work!

I personally have to think about this one.  Nothing comes to mind right now that I would write about, but I am sure there is plenty in there…let me think and come back to it. I do things that I shouldn't, like bite my nails…but it is obvious, so I can’t hide it.  OK, maybe I eat sweets too often at night. But again, my family can see that and they will actually tell me to stop, because I have asked them to, when they see me eating junk at night. (But I don’t listen to them!! LOL!!)

“What I wish people knew” - Do you wish that people knew the real you?  The YOU that maybe you hide?  Do you hide your heart under layers that keep people away because you are afraid of rejection? Are you a great friend and you wish people would notice?  Are you single wishing you could find that love of your life…but where the heck are the “good” men???

My journaling (this was written several years ago):
“I know I hide from others.  Not on purpose.  But since the depression crawled into my life, I keep some people at arms length.  I stay near those I feel are “safe”.  Not everyone understands depression…boy, do I know that!!  But I do wish more people knew that I am a good friend and that they wanted to be my friend. Since having monthly crops at my home, I have had to open my arms wide and overcome the fears of meeting new people.  And ya know what? I am loving it!  I have found some absolutely fantastic friends and LOVE my crops.  I may not get much cropping done, but I love my girlfriends! I wish more people knew about my great crops and the friends they could have. Let those barriers down!!!”

Pages 5 and 6:
“Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them.” Leo Tolstoy

First of all, can I say that this is my favorite page in the album?  I love how it looks and I love this quote!   And those 5 small shipping tags are the cutest!!!  OK, enough ringing my own bell…on with the journaling.

“Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them.”  Gosh, is this a profound quote!  The older I get, the truer it rings for me.  It’s kind of like “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.  I think what I will do is write about 5 specific instances in my life that this quote reminds me of.  Maybe it was the time that you needed to do something hard or undesirable and you did it anyway…and it turned out to be a fantastic experience!  Maybe one time you got in trouble and had to do community service…but you gained so much from it that is was a blessing in disguise. Maybe it was a lesson you learned about material items…an old boyfriend was rich and yet was really bad to you. (Money can't buy you love.)   Some people may be popular and/or rich but are the most cruel! What does it mean to you?

Pages 7 and 8:
"What Makes Me Unique"

“What makes me unique” cardstock booklet.  Let your mind run the gamut!  Do you have unique toes…can you pick up things with your toes??? (What mom can’t? LOL!) Be silly or be serious.  Do you have extensive musical training?  Are you the best nurse on the planet?  Do you have a great heart for caring for others?  Are you a home-schooling mom? (I bow down in awe of you!!!)  Are you dedicated enough to have taken TaeKwonDo for 8 years and counting, starting at age 39, and now have a 3rd degree black belt?  (That’s one of the things that makes ME unique - but I continued for 12 years!!!)  Don’t be shy and don’t be humble.  Tell all, baby!  You are unique just because!  Even if you think you have no talent.  You really do!!

Pages 9 and 10:

Four shipping tags with different prompts.
“My successes”- In education, work, family life, awards
“My goals” – long term or short.
“My struggles” – with yourself physically, with other people, things you are trying to change in your personality.
“My dreams” – real, attainable dreams or go for something wild!

Tags for the bag pockets:

“The People I love” – This is obvious…we will probably all write down our families.  Maybe you want to write WHY you love each of them.  Then there are our girlfriends, and male friends.  Maybe co-workers, crop buddies, online friends, etc. And don’t for get your furry friends!   I know I couldn't think of life without my black lab, Pepper!!! Or my current dog, Miles. :-)

“How I see myself” – This could be a tricky one.  We are all filled with self-doubt and insecurities.  You can write about that…those are real feelings…or flick the whispering devil off your shoulder and write about the good things!

“My Favorites” – food, books, movies, clothing, Starbucks drinks, alcoholic beverage, flower, jewelry, poem, Psalms, song, techno gadget, fave pair of jeans, etc.

My journaling:
“I love taking naps, the smell of Magnolia flowers, sharpened pencils, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, being barefooted (I can do this year-round in Florida!), chicken salad sandwiches, collecting cancelled postage stamps, a little bit of black in each of my scrapbook layouts, a good book, a tall soy caramel latte from Starbucks, anything from Panera Bread and the list goes on and on!!”

“My talents” – creative or academic, athletic or magical!!

“What’s important to me” – Maybe you want to write about the intangible things in life.  Or what you would take with you on a deserted island?  Is it important to you what candidate is chosen for the Presidential election?  Are you passionate about a specific charity?  There are no wrong answers.

“If I could do it all over again” – This feels like opening a big wound that isn't even healed yet!!!    OK, lets do it together and maybe it won’t hurt so bad!!!  This is one thing I don’t think I would let my kids see, just because I am thinking of some bad behavior I have partaken in.  Most of it happened just after my divorce (see “Me then” journaling). (insert embarrassed emoticon!)

My journaling:
“I am not proud of some of the things I did, but all of it brought me to where I am and who I have turned out to be.  I don’t know that if it was taken away if I would still be who I am now.  And I like who I am now.”

But you decide what is going to be written.  It doesn't have to be a downer either…maybe you would have gone to college, or continued college.  Maybe you would have gone on that month long trip to Europe after high school. (I want to go!) Maybe you would have stood up to the bullies in high school or would have dared to be different!  Maybe you wouldn't have gotten that tattoo…or maybe you would have…there’s still time!!!  LOL!


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