Wednesday, September 24, 2014

6 Reasons to Scrapbook YOU!

So you're not really sure you want to scrapbook about yourself. You're fine just taking photos of others and scrapbooking about them, but what about YOU? Maybe you think (like me!) oh, I hate looking at photos of me. I look so fat/ugly...(fill in the blank). Let's look at some reasons why it just might be a good idea to scrapbook about yourself.

  1. You are special. You've heard that saying that "God doesn't make junk", right? Well, it's true. I believe you are here for a reason, you are unique, and you are valuable. What you do, think, feel, and say is important. Let other people know that by leaving memories of you. Let them know and discover you. A scrapbook about you is a lasting memory for your children and future generations to know you.
  2. You are an individual. Just as we are curious about our ancestors, our future generations will be curious about you. You are important and need to be in those pages.
  3. Reveal who you really are. You can immortalize yourself in a permanent way. Allow others into your world by showing them your daily life. You can leave a view of the authentic you. Along with that, if you journal in your own handwriting, it would be even better. Do you have any hand written letters of your mother or grandmother? If so, how important are they to you? If you don't have any...don't you wish you did?
  4. Pass on your beliefs and values. If you scrapbook or journal your beliefs and values, you ensure that someone else will know they are/were important to you. Your words will echo and impact your future generations.
  5. Gain confidence in yourself. Women, especially if you are a mother, are busy, busy, busy and often put ourselves last on our list. That shouldn't be so. While there are many times we will be sacrificing for the benefit of our families, we should never let our identity go missing. Create scrapbook pages with themes that call attention to your own uniqueness and positive traits. If you need a bit of confidence boosting, look at those scrapbook pages often. Leave me a comment below and I'll encourage you! We need to stick together! :-)
  6. Showcase your different roles. You may be a mother, nurturer, wife, partner, daughter, sister, colleague or dreamer, so let your scrapbook albums showcase you in these different roles. It will tell others that you aren't merely "just a mom", as I so often refer to myself (guilty as charged!) The pages will remind you that you have meaningful contributions to make in all of your various roles.

Do any of these reasons resonate with you? Don't waste time. Start now!

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