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30 "All About Me" Scrapbook Topics

Have you considered creating an "All About Me" scrapbook album? Check out the previous posts HERE for Part 1HERE for Part 2, and HERE for Part 3 of my "All About Me" paper bag album,

Just think if you had an album that was all about your grandmother or another relative. Maybe it would include their deepest thoughts and dreams. Maybe it would include things they did everyday....their chores, where they traveled, how they spent their time. How priceless would that be? You can create an album like this for your future generations. 

If you do "Project Life", that's very close to the same thing! Just make sure YOU are in the album and not just your kids! Include your daily routine, your favorites, things you think about and dream about. What did you do as a kid? What was your daily routine then? What were your favorite songs or games?

I have plans to create an album with all my favorite songs as a kid. I don't mean songs on the radio, I mean those songs you learned at Girl Scout Camp or church camp or ones you used to sing in school. The songs that will be lost if we don't write them down and sing them to our children and grandchildren. What about: "Do Your Ears Hang Low?", "John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt", "America, The Beautiful". What are some songs you used to sing?

Or what about those silly things we used to your head when you drive through a bridge. (Or was it hold your breath??) Or raise your feet when you drive over an overpass/bridge. Do people still do that?

Here are some photos of the "All About Me" album I made:

The following list I found at ScrapJazz many years ago and I was delighted to see that their website is still active today. There's loads of info and inspiration there, so make sure to head on over for a peek.

30 ‘All About Me’ Scrapbook Topics

1.   10 Things about Me
2.   The Chef in Me (love it or hate it)
3.   Circle of Friends
4.   Crafts & Hobbies
5.   A Day in the Life
6.   Faith & Me
7.   Favorites
o   Activities
o   Clothes
o   Games
o   Movies
o   Music
o   Books
8.   Favorite Foods
o   Restaurants
o   Drinks
o   Snacks
o   Desserts
9.   Favorite Job
10.  Fears
11.  Growing Up
o   Where I was born
o   Where I lived
o   How many houses I lived in
12.  Hairstyles through the Years
13.  High School Years
14.  Hopes and Dreams
15.  Housework & Me
16.  I am Blessed
17.  I am Grateful
18.  The Last 10 Years (how I have changed over the years)

19.  Making My House a Home
20.  Man of My Dreams
21.  Mom & Me
o   What we do together
o   What our similarities are
o   What our differences are
22.  My Emotions
o   What makes me happy/sad
o   What makes me laugh/cry
o   What makes me angry
o   What makes me nervous
23.  People That Inspire Me
24.  Pieces of Me
25.  Self Portrait (a personal photo and journaling about the photo)
26.  Uniquely Me (things that make me unique)
27.  Vacation Favorites
28.  My names (maiden, married, nicknames)
29.  My Purse
o   Favorite purse
o   What's in it
30.  My quirks

Resource from by Patter Cross (Feb 25, 2008) 

Have you made an "All About Me" scrapbook? What did you include in yours?

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