Friday, September 5, 2014

3 Top Crafting Tools You Can Make With Your Cricut!

I love crafting tools. Some would say I love collecting crafting tools, and they just might be correct! I believe that if you spend a little more money to purchase quality tools, you will get the best results in your crafting. Good tools can really make or break your end product. 

BUT, if I you can actually MAKE your own tools that work well, then that is even better. Such is the nature of today's post.

I have created many, many stencils, masks, and stamps using my Cricut. And I must say they work wonderfully. Cricut sells stencil material and stamp material, but I prefer NOT to use these products. I have use both and like the stencil material, but HATE the stamp material. There's plenty of other options that you probably have at home in your craft room that work just as good (for stencils) or much better (for stamps)!

For stamps, just use regular craft foam. Yes, the cheap stuff. It cuts well (use a Deep Blade and Housing) and stamps well, too. See the video from Wednesday's post on how to cut craft foam with your Cricut. I usually mount my home made stamps onto a piece of corrugated cardboard. Again, don't bother washing anything. Wipe the stamp with a moistened paper towel and let air dry. The cardboard may get weak after being wet, so just remount your stamps onto another piece of cardboard. Don't worry, it was destined for the garbage anyway!

For this foam stamp, below, I used the butterfly border from “Stamping Solutions” key #45 or E5 at 2”.  This border ended up being 6-1/2” wide which was perfect for the pocket area of my apron.

Craft foam stamp is mounted to cardboard

Spread a light coating fabric paint onto the stamp with a foam brush. 
I'm using fabric paint because I am stamping on an apron.

Place apron on hard surface and press stamp onto fabric. 
I have inserted a piece of paper in the pocket, so there's no transfer of paint.

Because my cardboard handle was not too large around the stamp, I could see over the edge and line up the image good enough!  It helps if you stand up to stamp. 

**Follow instructions on bottle of paint for setting the paint and cleaning your fabric item**

What kind of tools have you used your Cricut to make? Share with us!

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