Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2 Easy Ways to Cut Stamps with your Cricut

Looks like I've really been Cricut crazy lately with all these posts using my Cricut. Actually, these are portions of previously run online workshops. Because they are a little "older" and I won't be offering them again, I now get to share them with you. :-) So in honor of National Stamp Month, here's a video tutorial to learn to cut stamps with your Cricut. 

You can cut stamps with your Cricut.  Just know that whatever material you choose to cut with, it won’t be superior to any stamp image you can purchase.  If you come into this understanding that, you’ll be a lot happier.  These cut stamps will have imperfections. Just accept it and go with the flow.

And you'll see from the video, I DO NOT like to use Cricut Cuttables Stamp Material. I prefer to use regular, cheap craft foam. It cuts like butter!

Use a Deep Cut Blade and Housing and a very sticky mat when cutting stamps.

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Have you tried cutting stamps with your Cricut? What did you use to cut them? Was your attempt successful? Let me know...

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