Monday, August 18, 2014

Mini Book Necklace Tutorial, Part 1

Today we'll be creating a cute mini book necklace that can hold 6-8 teeny photos (1-1/2" x 2")...perfect for a little girl who loves to keep photos of her special friends close to her heart. Perfect project for a Girl Scout gathering or a birthday party!

To my book, I've added photos of myself and my friends (three are my sisters!) from when I was in the first grade. Oh, gotta love the pin curls! wink


  • Craft knife, ruler, mat 
  • Cardstock and patterned paper
  • Scoring tool
  • About 24" -30” of cording for necklace 
  • 2 beads, optional (cording must be able to fit through bead hole) 
  • About 12" thin ribbon for closure 
  • Very tiny embellishments - stamps, stickers, flowers, etc. 

This video includes:
  • Overview
  • Supplies (1:42)
  • Cutting the inner pages (4:00)
  • Score and fold (4:42)
  • Cover the chipboard pieces (5:46)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our mini book on Wednesday 8/20/2014. If you like this, please Pin on Pinterest or share on Facebook!

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