Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All About Adhesives - Interview with Instructors

(This "interview" occurred while I and several other crafty folks were instructors at the now-closed, My Creative Classroom. For online workshops, make sure to check out Craft Classes Online!)

Hello! Shirley Pando here, on-the-spot reporter with all the latest craft talk from the MCC instructors.

I've recently had the chance to interview many of them and ask, "What are your favorite adhesives and why?" Let's take a look at their faves:

(On a side note, we do not receive any compensation from manufacturer's of the various adhesives noted. Links are provided for your understanding of the product only...and possibly a bit of enabling!wink)

Donna Maligno says: "Shirley, I am terminally in love with Tear-ific Tapes from Sparkle N Sprinkle. They come in 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4". The Tear-ific Tapes are superb for card making and glittering. They are strong enough to withstand the heat and lights at trade shows without all the elements falling off the cards. We all know how heat can effect adhesives. These are incredible."

SP: WOW! An adhesive I have never even heard of! Where have I been? surprise

Cara Miller says: "Oh you know me, Shirley.... Foam Tape and pop dots! My Xyron X for itty-bitty Cricut cuts and I also love Zip Dry and 3-in-1 from Beacon when I am using chipboard and heavier cardstock layered die cuts."

SP: Great choices, Cara!

Linda Dotterer says: "I love my ATG gun, pop dots, and glue dots."

SP: That's my kind of gal...I love my ATG gun, too!

Teri Martin says: "I love my tape runners because I am quick and dirty. For a real stick on an art piece, I use acrylic matte medium. For cards and other stuff, I love my Xyron!"

SP: That's right, Teri, tape runners are super quick and efficient!!

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon says she uses way too many glues, and they are all her favorite for one reason or another - but for different types of projects. Catherine says:

  • "I like to use double stick tape for paper projects, because I don't have the patience for tape runners.
  • I use a UHU glue stick for gluing papers to collages and canvases, and to cover boxes and things like that. It doesn't make my paper buckle, I can roll the bubbles out with a brayer and it dries pretty fast.
  • I use gel medium when I want to get messy and use my fingers to spread the adhesive around.
  • I use a hot glue gun to glue dimensional items together when I don't want to wait for the glue to dry.
  • I use Aleene's when I am gluing fabric or don't care how long it will take to dry."
SP: I know Catherine loves a good gel medium, too.

Donna Salazar likes different adhesives for different applications. She says,

  • "For dry adhesives I love SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES by 3L foam tape and Crafty Power Tape (the Crafty Power Tape is insanely strong).
  • For liquid glue for my 3-D and fabric projects I love Fabri-Tac or 3-in-1 from Beacon.
  • For decoupage and mixed media I LOOOVE Fast Finish Decoupage (also from Beacon).
  • For making my signature paper flowers I use Art Glitter's "Designer Dries Clear".
  • For glitter I like using Clearsnap's Glue Gloss (works FABULOUSLY with my new glitters from Clearsnap)."

SP: Donna, these are all new-to-me adhesives...surprise

Jeri' Parks: "Here is my list, it only includes my faves and not everything I use.

  • ATG tape this! But it is super sticky and very permanent.
  • Pop-dots, Dot Glue Runner....I like this type of adhesive for ribbon and other small bits and pieces.
  • Glossy accents and matte medium. I use these when I want to be able to move something around before it dries.
  • UHU glue stick. I call this my filler adhesive. Meaning I add a bit of ATG to the corners and then fill in with UHU. Catherine is right in that is does not wrinkle the paper and it has a good hold. I always try to apply it to both pieces for a better hold.
  • My sewing machine. LOL! Yes that is one of my all time favorite adhesives. I starting using my sewing machine because it was so much cheaper for making mini albums and pockets. And I still use it for that reason today."

SP: What, Jeri'? You've included a sewing machine as an adhesive? Sheesh!

Jennifer Priest says, "My faves are as follows:

  • PVA for anything paper, especially tiny die cuts. It is a book binding glue and dries rock hard. Few scrapbook stores carry it -- I usually go to Blick Art Supplies to get it. Once it's stuck, it's not coming off.
  • ATG for layouts and projects. It is big but once you get used to it, there is not going to back regular tape runners. A little dab is all it takes and it is sooo affordable compared to every other tape runner on the market. 
  • For 3D my fave is American Crafts This To That 3D Foam Dots. They are really dense so they hold up even in thick scrapbooks and they stick like a glue dot."

SP: I totally agree with you, Jennifer, about the ATG gun. It is the only glue runner I use.

Kim Parkinson says:

  • "My all time favorite dry adhesive is the EZ Runner by Scrapbook Adhesives.
  • But that's not all. If I need something that will stick to a glitter surface or if I'm using metal or something else and I never ever want it to come off, I'll use the Red Line tape sheets. Ten Seconds Studios calls them Humungo Adhesive but I buy mine through Oriental Trading Company and they are cheaper and work just as well.
  • If I'm making a book and I am going to wrap chipboard, I use a glue stick. My glue stick of choice is the Coccoina. Not only does it smell like almonds but it's super strong! This stuff is made in Italy.
  • If I'm in need of attaching on something little with holes in it, I'll use a dot roller but they are usually not my favorite. I do like that if I'm adding a word or some other small die cut that I can rub off any of the dots that are shown. I keep one of these in both permanent and repositionable at all times.
  • I used to use the Kokuyo Tape Roller Plus and that was my ultimate favorite for all around usage but they no longer sell it in the states. sad
  • If I need a wet adhesive, I will use mostly a Multi-medium in matte. Whether it's Mod Podge, Ranger, or Golden, I believe they all work well and I have a jar of each here at the house.
  • If I need something with huge dimension and don't mind waiting a few days for it to dry, I'll use YES! Paste. A jar of this will last me the rest of my life!!
  • Lastly, well maybe not - I do have a ton more but this is my last favorite, I use Glossy Accents by Ranger for encasing embellishments. This stuff is great if you need to place something down that's heavy and then want a nice coat of shiny (or matte, or sepia or crackle) on top of it. I own one of each of the kinds they make!"

SP: Kim, I'm with ya about the wonderful smell of the Coccoina paste! YUMMY!

Karen Hunter says "My go-to adhesives are:
  • For layouts and cards I usually use my ATG - quick and very sticky.
  • For bulkier items I almost always use Beacon's 3-in-1 - love that stuff!
  • For tiny items I like my Zig glue pens. I use these right on my Cricut mats and don't have to worry about clean up because the glue is permanent when first applied, then turns repositionable if left to dry (can use them to revive old Cricut mats, too)."
SP: Ah yes, another ATG - lover!! smile

Sandy Hulsart says, "My favorite dry adhesive is Scotch ATG. It is permanent but can be removed from the back of paper if you get messy just by rolling it up with your finger. I love the accuracy and ease of using a tape gun.

My favorite wet adhesive is Crafter's Pick Ultimate Glue. A little dab will do you, and it works on just about all surfaces, even metal."

SP: I love a glue that works on metal, too! Gonna have to try that one!

SP: Well, I think I've learned a thing or two during this interview, how about you? I may have to try out a few more types of adhesive and add to my if I didn't have enough already! approve

This is Shirley Pando signing off. Let me know, what is your favorite glue?