Wednesday, August 27, 2014

22 Great Party Ideas Using Your Cricut!

Got a Cricut? Plan a Birthday Party!

With the new school year starting, there will inevitably be birthday parties for all your children's friends. Or maybe YOUR friends. Stuck in limbo for a party theme? Have you thought of your Cricut? There are loads of ideas for party themes in your booklets.  Here’s a few I've thought of.

"Wrap It Up" Cartridge
  • Princess party pg. 24 castle
  • Boys gaming party pg. 30 controller
  • Birthday cake pg. 31
  • Pirate party “Walk the Plank” pg. 34
  • Robot pg. 40
  • Gumball party pg. 44
  • Garden party pg. 45 gate plus add some flowers
  • Candy Shop theme…Lollipop pg. 54
  • Make a Wish pg. 61 balloons

"Stretch Your Imagination" Cartridge
  • Sunflower party pg. 37: decorate with sunflowers in a Mason jar garden watering can pg. 69 and leaves pg. 76
  • Summer beach party with seashells pg. 40
  • Birthday cake pg. 61
  • Baby’s birthday pg. 66 caterpillar
"Celebrate" Cartridge
  • Specific number party like, 5th birthday, etc.
  • Birthday Cake on cake stand pg. 99

"Birthday Bash" Cartridge
  • Any of the cute animals as theme!
  • Birdie pg. 23
  • Birdie pg. 34 for you…put glitter the shoes!
  • Fun & Games - use for game area sign
  • 3 Cheers for You pg. 38
  • BUNCO party “Let the Good Times Roll” pg. 37 (BUNCO is one fun game in case you never played it!)

Have you planned any parties using ideas from your Cricut? Let us know!

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