Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All About Adhesives Tutorial Series Begins!

We all usually need some sort of adhesive in every crafting project we do, but have you checked the adhesive aisle in your favorite crafting store? The choices are overwhelming! What's a crafter to do? In these tutorials, I'm here to help demystify a very "sticky" subject! In the weeks and months to come I will offer a bit of advice on several adhesive topics:
  • Lesson 1: Dry Adhesives
  • Lesson 2: Wet Adhesives
  • Lesson 3: Spray Adhesives
  • Lesson 4: Fabric Glues and Fusibles
  • Lesson 5: Adhesive Removers and Erasers
So won't you  join me? Let's begin with an overview of adhesives.

Join me next time for Lesson 1: Dry adhesives. "See" you then!

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