Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ch-Ch-Changes are a coming! Online workshops!

I have had the amazing pleasure to work as an independent Creative Arts Instructor at My Creative Classroom for over seven years. I taught online workshops and also was part of the website support team and marketing manager. I have worked closely with Jeri Parks, the owner and founder of MCC.

MCC hosted TONS of courses in all sorts of categories. Students could come from around the world, literally, and take a course with us. When Jeri started MCC it made sense for MCC to host all of the workshop content..that means the Videos and PDF's and forums and gallery. But as technology has changed, there are many more options for hosting online workshops. Many of them allow instructors more freedom and flexibility. Several other factors, health being one of them, Jeri had to recently make a very hard decision to close MCC. MCC will close it's doors in early August 2014. 

While this may seem like a sad thing, and it is, what is to come is very, very good. Jeri and I are partnering on a new venture that will outshine what we did at MCC. Our new site, Craft Classes Online (CCO website to open July 2014), will bring multiple independent craft instructors together on one website providing students with the best choice in online craft workshops. CCO will be the spot for students to find online workshops via the website, but workshops will be paid for and hosted on the individual instructors websites. This enables more flexibility and freedom for instructors and ultimately will bring more instructors and workshops to students.

I have been working very diligently to prepare my personal website to host my online workshops, so I am very proud to announce "Creative Workshops with Shirley Pando". Head on over and see the online courses I offer. While I am transitioning my courses from MCC to my website, I will continually open more workshops each week. All of my previous workshops that included video will be supported and hosted by me. If you took a class with me at MCC, please email me at to be invited to the new classroom hosted on a private blog to continue access of your course(s).

The future looks very bright to me! :-)

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