Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Watercolor Pencils on Fabric

If you know me, then you know I love me some fabric! You might be surprised to know that much of what you can do on paper, you can do on fabric. You may need to add a few steps or a specific kind of product if you want the results to be permanent on fabric.

Besides a small bookshelf full of commercial print fabrics, I usually have at least a yard or so of bleached or unbleached muslin or canvas at any one time because I love to paint, stamp, monoprint and stitch on fabric. To alter fabric in this way is called surface design.

Did you know that you can use watercolor pencils on fabric? It's true. I've posted these projects previously on my blog

Take a peek and see what you think. Do you have any fabric that you could alter with colored pencils?


  1. I love this idea! I never thought of using watercolor pencils on fabric and often love to add fabric to cards I'm making. One more thing for me to try. Thanks for sharing this idea. By the way gorgeous projects using this technique.

  2. What a cool idea. Do you use a fixative?

    1. Hi Bunnyfreak,
      I didn't use a fixative, but it's probably a really good idea. Most of the pencil is covered with thread sketching, so I was fine with NOT fixing it. :-)

  3. Wow --what a cool idea. Love how you created the tulip.