Monday, February 17, 2014

She was a beautiful Bride...

I'm working on the two scrapbooks for #1DS and DIL and myself. Seems like Sunday's are my Scrapbook days. At least I know I'll make progress if I keep to that schedule. Here's what I worked on yesterday...a double page spread of the official wedding. It just needs a title in a script font and a little journaling.

When the couples' original plans couldn't happen, they figured, why not get married in Paris since we are honeymooning there anyway? Well, an American can't actually do that legally, unless you have been living in Paris for 40 days.  You have to technically be married in the US first and then you can have a ceremony in Paris.  Your marriage license has to be filled out, filed and legal before you get there. So, that's what they did. Now mind you, I originally had planned a pre-wedding party at my house for this event, not a wedding. So being the flexible person I am (NOT!!), we went with it!

The bride's father is a minister, so that made it very easy to have a little wedding with immediate family at our house right before for the party. I think every girl deserves (almost) everything she wishes for in a wedding, so I tried to fill her top desires. And I think I earned quite a few "brownie points" with this whole thing! ;-)

I used Teresa Collins Tell Your Story paper line. I fussy cut this cute little frame from the papers and added silver Stickles in several areas.

I rarely, if ever, cut the photos from the background like I did in the photo below. I usually don't like the look. But there were so many distracting things in the photos that it does look much better this way and I'm glad I did it. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)


One more layout down. How many more to go?? Don't think about it...just do it! ;-)


  1. In this particular layout I like the photos cut out. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday creating this fabulous layout.

    Also enjoyed the story. You definitely get Brownie points for making things happen. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! i read on the y creative life feeds that you were working on this project. i have yet to do mine. your DIL is a very lucky person to have you. My mom and MIL do not scrapbook. *Sigh* it must be nice for someone to do it for you, and make it look spectacular! I absolutely love how you did your layout. i look forward to seeing more from you!