Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Valentine's Mini Book with Square 1 Masterpiece Printable

I love to create things with fabric. I think I like it better than paper! I don't have too large of a fabric stash...yet, but give me a little while and I'm sure it will grow! ;-)

I recently created a small mixed media Valentine book using fabric, paper and Square 1 Masterpiece Inkjet Printable.  

The book pages are about 6" x 6" with Fusible Stabilizer as a base and fabric covering both sides. I printed out some clip art photos onto Square 1 Masterpiece Inkjet Printable media.

This stuff is great as it goes right through your home inkjet printer, prints a great image and it is adhesive-backed. So even if you don't want to sew a single stitch, you can still have the look of printed fabric on your projects.

Front cover: 
Image printed onto Square 1, decorative tulle as background, pink rickrack, floral trim.
Pages 1 & 2:
Images printed onto Square1, papers, trims, flowers, stickers, etc. 
Pages 3 & 4:
Images printed onto Square 1, decorative tulle, fabric, trims, stickers, transparency over felt. 
Pages 5 & 6:
Images printed onto Square 1, papers, decorative tulle, silk and paper flowers, dimensional paint
 Back cover:
Images printed onto Square 1, decorative tulle, trims, silk flowers, acrylic heart embellishment.

The book is bound with book rings and tied with decorative tulle and ribbons.
A Crop-a-Dile punches through the fabric, trims and stabilizer so easily!
ETA: I have collected a lot of clip art images from various places. Most of my images are from:


  1. I LOVE the Valentine book! Where does one find pics like those?

    Thanks Shirley!

    Karla Kelso

  2. Karla,
    I have edited my post to include links of some places I get my images. :-)


  3. What a wonderful little book... just love anything with fabric! Its tactile and fabulous! THanks so much for stopping by and leaving a wonderful comment.. its very appreciated! Hope you are enjoying CJS14 heaps too!

  4. I like the whole idea of this!

  5. Love this little book, think I will have to try this.

  6. What a beautiful little album!

  7. Love this little book. Valentine images are some of my favorite things.

  8. love this little book. adorable!

  9. Love love love this! This procuct goes on my must have list. Can't wait to try something new.