Monday, November 25, 2013

Bride To Be Banner Square 1 Masterpiece Tutorial + Giveaway!

For my (now) daughter-in-law's bridal shower in September, I made this mixed media banner that hung above the food table. It is made with Square 1 Masterpiece, the Cricut Expression and a bit of this and that! ;-)

Square1 Masterpiece - White Glitter, 1 sheet
Square1 Masterpiece - Black Glitter, 1 sheet
Square1 Masterpiece – White Permanent, 2 sheets

Background Instructions:

1.      Create a painted background on the two pieces of Square 1 Masterpiece white permanent sheets. I mixed several colors of acrylic paint and ink and used a handmade stencil. Let completely dry.


2.      Using the stamp and black permanent ink, stamp script all over painted background. Let dry.

3.      Using the lightest Distress ink pad, smear onto painted and stamped background. Wipe off with damp paper towel.
4.      Smear second darkest color and wipe off with damp paper towel.
5.      Smear darkest color of ink and wipe off with damp paper towel. Add more ink as desired. Let dry.

6.      With another stencil and contrasting color of acrylic paint, dab paint through stencil. Let dry.

Cut Banner Pennants

1.      Cut banner pennants from the prepared Square 1 Masterpiece. I have created a file for use in the Cricut Craft Room (CCR) using the Calligraphy Collection cartridge. You will get more pennants out of your fabric if you cut the pennant from scrap cardstock and use that as a template to hand cut from the prepared Square 1 Masterpiece. The banner pennants are 6” high x 4.389” wide. 

2.      Cut backing from cardstock. I’ve used a thick 80# cardstock. These pieces are .5” larger than the banner pennants on all sides.

3.      Remove adhesive backing from prepared Square 1 Masterpiece and adhere to center of pennant backing cardstock.


Cut Letters

1.      Cut banner letters using CCR file once with White Glitter Square 1 Masterpiece and one with Black Glitter Square 1 Masterpiece. NOTE: The Calligraphy Collection font I chose does not have a shadow. But if you stagger the black and white glitter letters you can create a drop shadow effect.

2.      Adhere letters to prepared pennants.


Assemble Banner

1.      Add trims to bottom and sides of banner, as desired, using adhesive or stitching.

2.      Adhere or stitch banner pennants to ribbon, allowing enough ribbon free on sides for hanging.



If you'd like a printable PDF tutorial with full color photos of this project AND the Cricut Craft Room file:
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  1. Beautiful stencil work. My daughter would love this banner! She's very artistic