Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Wreath

DIY projects are coming out of my ears at this point as I prepare for my oldest son's wedding party next Saturday. I have a TON of ribbon so I decided that the wedding party NEEDS a wreath made with ribbon...white, of course. ;-)

I saw a wonderful idea on Pinterest and thought I must do this. I started with a wooden embroidery hoop and painted it with gesso. Then onto looping strands of ribbon, which took quite a while. You want it to be very full, so fill the hoop as much as possible.


I added a gold/bling trim to the inner edge for a bit of shiny.

The only problem was that ribbon is flimsy and it falls when hung. :-(

Thank goodness I have plenty of supplies! ;-) Aleene's Stiffen Quick was the answer.
There are several other types of fabric stiffeners on the market, so anyone will work, even thinned tacky glue.
I sprayed the wreath until it was very saturated. Make sure that you get every piece of ribbon and let it dry.

Now all the ribbon stands up and looks wonderful!


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