Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tutorial: I you?

Maybe you already know what fusible is, but I've run across quite a few people lately who do not.  There was even a gal working at my local Joann's who didn't know what it was and she was cutting fabric. That really surprised me!

So let's start at the beginning. A fusible is a heat activated adhesive for fabric. It is heated with an iron and alleviates the need to sew OR use it along with sewing and make your crafting much easier!

Fusible is purchased in your fabric store either as yardage

 as tape

 or in sheets.

There are several manufacturers that produce this but in my opinion they all work well. Some are for those who WILL NOT be stitching the final product, and some are for stitching will NOT gum up your needle. BUT you must purchase the right one, so check the package!

I will be using fusible on the edges of a table runner I'm making for my oldest son's wedding party. I've dyed the fabric and now will fuse the edges rather than hem them. Yes, I would normally stitch the fabric, but of course just when I want to sew, I don't have my machine as I've taken it for it's yearly maintenance...and I just don't want to wait. :-(

1. Wash and press the fabric.
2. Fusible has either single or double sided release paper on it. If there are two, take off the paper that comes off easiest.  For my runner, since I am fusing the edges I press the fusible to the RIGHT SIDE edge of the fabric. In my sample I'm using 1/4" tape.

3. Once the fusible is pressed to the fabric, let it cool to the touch and take off the release paper. You'll see the shiny adhesive left on the fabric.

4. In my sample, I fold over onto the WRONG side 1/4". This is done without measuring as my tape is already 1/4". I just fold it over once...


...and then press. (This is the wrong side of the fabric)

And voila! It's done!

TIP: If you have fusible that is sold in sheets or as yardage and would like to hem something, just cut it at 1/4" and you've created your own 1/4" fusible tape!


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