Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dyeing to be crafty!

In preparation for the pre-wedding party I'm hosting in October for my oldest son and his soon-to-be bride, I am sewing tablecloths that will cover the hot tub and pool table that are in our screened porch. Can't move them, so I might as well use them, right? On those said tablecloths will be runners dyed to (hopefully) match the bride's chosen colors. Yesterday was dye day. It was a gorgeously sunny day and I tackled this project as soon as I was back from spin class. I was already hot and sweaty, so why not?!

I used liquid Rit Dye. Of course, I don't like to read directions too much, but I could have had a much better end result if I had! It was a success none-the-less.

On the Rit Dye website you can find the Color Formula Guide where you can concoct your special recipe to get the color you want. Make sure to read Tips for Success...I didn't! You may get the exact color you wanted, unlike me. Mine is pretty close and it will be an evening party, so it will be close enough.

I started with bleached muslin and liquid Rit Dye in "Taupe" and "Evening Blue" for my desired "Quarry" color (Blue-Green #570).

I used the hose to fill my plastic tub. Yes, if I would have read the directions properly I would have used hot water!!

 I laid the dyed fabric on the lawn to let it dry a bit. It will dry lighter than the wet fabric, so I wanted to see if I needed to put it back in the dye bath a bit longer.

As long as you're dyeing, you might as well add in some paper and paper towels to use for art. And save some of that dye for later. Who knows if you'll want to dye buttons or paper flowers! (or coffee filters, or...)

Once I was OK with the color of the cloth, I wrung it out and popped it in the wash. I added in a few sheets of Shout Color Catcher and look how beautiful they turned out! Yes, another great art product!

Today, I am all about pressing and stitching the fabric for my runner. It will add a great pop of color to my white and crystal party decor!

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