Friday, August 16, 2013

Working hard for Square 1 Masterpiece!

Recently I told you about working with a new company, Square 1 Masterpiece.

Square1 is the #1 safe alternative to vinyl. It's completely PVC free and raved as the easiest product to use even over vinyl.  This adhesive backed fabric allows you to create easy simple projects that can be as simple as print and stick, print, die cut and stick, or just cut by hand and place it almost anywhere!

There are so many uses for this product ideas are limitless and bound only by your imagination!  Now here's the cool thing - we have JUST introduced our brand new creative team that is going to help provide you with even more inspiration and ideas to create party decor, simple home decor, wall art projects, cards and scrapbook layouts, glass blocks, and things you haven't even imagined yet!

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I'm working on the wedding of my #1 son and his fiance, so you know what many of my projects will be about, right?

Big kickoff will be around September 15th, so BOLO (be on the lookout)! 

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