Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reverse painting...sort of!

I've been working on this journal page for a while now (mostly in my mind!!). Usually when I go to create something I think about it sooo long that I don't DO I just THINK.  Well, I finally dove in and decided not to think any longer. The end result is not perfect and that's OK. The message is very significant. :-)

First, I painted a rough background with three colors of Tim Holtz' Distress Paint by Ranger. Another product that I have one of each color. I can't help myself!!   Next, with a pencil I drew letters for the verse and added painter's tape in a diagonal stripe.

Add white paint around each of the letters allowing the background color to show through in the letters.

Keep going....

Take off the tape to reveal the words. Add black marker detail around the letters.

Lastly, add some charcoal pencil for shading.

I may add a bit more in the white diagonal lines. Maybe stenciled or doodled lines??

What did I learn by creating this page? First of all I learned that you can take a mediocre paint job and create over it. A background is just that...a background that will be added to.

I also learned that if I want perfection I need to have perfect lettering. But I really don't care about that. I care about making that I like not art that has to be submitted for anyone's approval. So that means I'm OK with the way this looks.

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