Friday, August 9, 2013

Quick and easy cards

For some reason I don't like making cards. I don't know why. They are small and a quick fix for a creative itch. But they have never been a fave thing of mine to create. Why? I'm not sure....  I do appreciate a handmade card and when I do make them my family notes that it is handmade and is thankful. Maybe I'll change my mind eventually...??

Here is a card I made recently for my Dad's 80th birthday. Easy peasy!!

and my Mom's 77th birthday:

I love the chalkboard stamp from Our Daily Bread. It is a fabulous stamp but I had quite a time finding a good ink pad. All of mine are old and need to be replaced or refreshed with ink. But I finally got a good impression. It also helps to check out the company website and blog to see if they advise a certain ink. I also found that their stamps require a little conditioning before stamping. ;-)

Happy Card Making to you!

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