Sunday, January 6, 2013

Will you take the challenge?

With a new year usually comes resolutions. I personally HATE resolutions and try almost never to make them. I don't need to feel like a failure with one more thing. (every feel like that?)

But I do like a good challenge. Jeri Parks, founder of My Creative Classroom is issuing a new challenge for 2013...Use Every Stamp. She's started a blog and a free class at My Creative Classroom to help her and us along the way.  (You have to sign up for the MCC newsletter in order to receive the entrance code for the class).

The challenge? To use at least one stamp out of every stamp set she owns. This year Jeri will create some kind of item - tag, card, etc. from every stamp set she owns...AND she's "not allowed" to buy any more stamps this year. So I ask you, will you take the challenge, too?

I personally don't have a fetish for stamps.  I sold most of my stamp sets probably about 5 years ago. I really don't have that many...although they can all fit in a three drawer rolling cart. That doesn't include my foam stamps, which I have just as many. OK, OK, I have some but not a lot. Now if you were asking about paper or adhesives I'd have to blush and change the subject. But in any case, I will be joining the challenge and using my stamps this year, too. In fact, I'll be a guest blogger this month. :-)

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  1. Hello Shirley,
    I am a new follower...I too, am married for 25 years, with 3 daughters...ha ha...all grown up!

    Still thinking about the challenge though....makes me cringe to think about how many stamps I really have stashed away...not being used so often. I definitely have my faves, and I use my hula girl on everything.