Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bring in 2013!

Happy New Year!  I so hope you've had a safe and happy holiday. I took down all of the many holiday decorations today and vacuumed up mountains of pine needles. Since quite a few things I made specifically for Christmas came down I just couldn't put the same old stuff back up. I had to decorate again. I have sooo much paper that it is not funny...I really need to purge some of my stuff, but until I do I used a bit of it to create on top of ugly, faded pictures that are hung on the porch walls. It is a large screened porch for the pool with room enough for great parties. But in the hot Florida sun anything out there gets dirty and faded.

Now I do realize that we haven't even gotten any winter weather in is probably high 70's today and it's Jan 2nd! But I am ready for summer;-) So here's some of my newly decorated porch pictures:

Made with October Afternoon Seaside Collection Kit. I love the old advertisements.

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