Monday, December 17, 2012

Mixed Media Banners!

I get to host our large family's Christmas this year and have been decorating (and cleaning!) like a mad woman. I've made quite a few decorations and wanted to share some of the banners I'm adding to our screened porch/pool area.

I have four posts which will be graced by these mixed media banners. I'll photograph the next two tomorrow. Each of them are about 18" x 24". Canvas, gesso, paper, paint, and various other items.

"Hark the herald..." has music paper under the base coat of paint. "Over the river..." has old (1925!) newspaper ads. It's fun to look at them closeup.

 The angels' wings are made from fused Angeline fibers. Glitter tulle for the dress and wonderful pompom fringe for the bottom. Machine stitching.

This one has snow of dimensional paint and mica flakes. The bridge railing is 3-dimensional and stitched to the canvas.

I've had a lot of fun with these. It was interesting to watch my husband's face as he saw me work on each layer...I think he wasn't quite sure of what I was exactly doing until the very end. ;-)

More to come...

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