Monday, September 10, 2012

School is in session!

I love teaching. I love having someone's eyes light up with joy when they discover something new or finally feel like they can grasp something that's been evading them. Like finally being able to understand how to use their sewing machine. And really make something!

My online class, "Love Your Sewing Machine" starts today. This first week's lesson is all about learning all the basics about the parts, threading the machine and finally understanding all about tension...that all-elusive thing that everyone's afraid of. Trust me, if you are afraid to touch the tension dial or have no idea how to use your sewing machine, but would like to, you've got to join me in class. You will actually learn many "golden nuggets of goodness" and come to use your machine for more than a doorstop or dust collector!

You can do it!!

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