Saturday, August 18, 2012

Online Class update!

I've just updated my page listing all the online classes I'm teaching this fall at My Creative Classroom. Three are brand new! Make sure to check them out. Some even have a special early enrollment pricing if you register early. (Don't we all love a sale??)

What am I doing today? Needed a rest from working out, so this weekend it's all about printing and filming for one of my new classes, Mad for MonoPrinting with Catherine Scanlon. Registrations are not quite yet open as we're finalizing the supply list. But I'm working on my prints and projects. This will be a FABULOUS class!! I'm so excited about it.

It is a total blast working with Catherine. She is such a fun person and has such a great point of view with her art.  I tell her I'm her biggest fan. I actually had purchased both her books (Art from the Heart and Sewing on Paper) before I even "met" her online at MCC. So she's been a favorite of mine for quite a while.

So as I finish this post I'm off to make some more prints on fabric. Yummy visual texture coming up!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A funny thing happened at the gym.....

I was at the gym with my trainer and she politely asked what I did this weekend. My eyes widened and I said I "painted cloth". She was puzzled as her mind tried to get a hold of exactly what I meant. I described a few things, but I don't think she "got it". I think she thinks I glue Popsicle sticks and do macrame(although there's nothing wrong with either of those). I'll have to send her some photos of my work.

Here's a few of the huge amounts of prints I've made as I'm preparing for "Mad for Monoprinting" a joint class with Catherine Scanlon to open this fall at My Creative Classroom.

Just wait till I make the projects!! Class enrollments begin soon!