Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day flowers

Had a great Mother's Day this past Sunday with my family. My boys gave me a card with wonderful words and this little pot of flowers:

We went to my sister's house along with my two brothers and another sister and my parents. (I have three sisters and two brothers!) Add in a few cousins and it was quite a house-ful. What I really want to know is... since when did Mother's Day become a "food" holiday? We had soooo much food and sweets at the house...crazy! And of course you have to try a bit of everything....really? Good thing I work out like a beast!

My siblings, parents and I had quite the political conversation, which is not necessarily the norm at family gatherings.  Thankfully it was not an argument as we are all on the "same side". I was very impressed with my youngest brother who is very knowledgeable about the various candidates. He's a grown man, so I don't know why that is so amazing to me...I guess I still see him as the little baby that we used to dress up like a doll! Please don't tell him I told you! ;-)

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