Thursday, May 24, 2012

Graduation Day!

Yesterday my "baby", Garrett, graduated from high school. It's official...I have no more children in the (free) public school system. Now we get to pay for education!

Living in Orlando does have quite a few advantages. One of which is being able to use the Amway Center, home of the Orlando Magic NBA team. Very nice!

Had to take some photos as inspiration. The oldest son has requested an "Orlando Magic" quilt and I'll be using this basketball swoosh as the design. Now to find the time to do it ;-)

Yes, back to graduation...

All the speeches by the honors students were fabulous. The best, though, was the valedictorian. You would never guess he is a "brain". His speech was hilarious and he took the opportunity to sing his version of Katy Perry's "Baby You're a Firework". The photo below shows the standing ovation and rousing applause he received form is peers...and the audience!

So here he is, folks, my baby, Garrett! (Yes, that's some gorgeous long hair and he's very proud of it!)

Son #2 Nick, Garrett and Howard (#1 son had to work!)

The whole(well part) family
(Can't believe my dad "cut off" our legs! UGH!)

He looks so nice in his dress clothes. We HAD to take a photo as we've never seen him looking like this before and it may be our last chance until he gets married!

Now onto the next chapter of! OK, we'll let him relax for the summer ;-)

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