Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bobbin Stitching

Have you ever checked out Superior Threads? It is a "must visit" website full of thread and thread education...all of it superb! In fact, you can join me in taking their Superior University at-home monthly courses. All of the four lessons I've received so far is exactly what I want to learn. Bobbin work, thread sketching, working with soluble thread and invisible (Monopoly) thread. Here's some photos of the first lesson.

Gotta get one of these babies...Pilot Frixion pen. It's a regular gel pen that works on fabric and disappears with heat. Just iron over it and it's gone!

With bobbin stitching you can use thicker threads in the bobbin that wouldn't fit through your needle or upper tension discs.  You essentially stitch upside down. You have to be willing to adjust the bobbin tension for these thicker threads, or do what I have done and purchage a separate bobbin just for bobbin work.  Below, I've got Razzle Dazzle in the bobbin and am stitching along my (poorly drawn!) image.

But when you look beneath...there's the beauty!

All four "mug rugs" were stitched together at the edges with a zigzag and MonoPoly.
I need a bit more practice, but sort of like the "wonkiness" of the stitches.

Friday, April 20, 2012

New online course, "Images on Fabric"

Just a sneak peek from my new class "Images on Fabric" at My Creative Classroom.  Are you interested in learning all the tricks to printing and transferring images to fabric? In this class we will learn techniques, work with various products and make projects each week.
  1. Direct inkjet printing onto commercially prepared inkjet printable fabric sheets.
  2. Direct inkjet printing onto fabric you prepare at home
  3. Inkjet transfer to fabric using acrylic medium, alcohol, and water
  4. Image transfers using commercially prepared transfer sheets
  5. Print and transfer images using some newer materials you may not have used yet
Projects include fabric post cards, fabric Artist Trading Cards (ATC'S), a simple folded fabric book, fabric art quilt. You can fuse or stitch your projects. Instructions will be given for each option.

(Please note: We will only work with techniques and products for use with an inkjet printer with either pigment or dye-based inks.)

Click here for full course description, supply list, and to register for this class

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quilt kit giveaway!

Do you like to quilt? Know someone who does? Then head on over to and get in on April's giveaway. Chris is giving away one of four Gees Bend quilt kits. I think "Work Clothes" or "Blocks and Stripes" is my favorite. What's yours? You've only got to leave a comment on her blog and you could win.  Maybe you'll win....or maybe I will!!