Sunday, March 18, 2012

You are what you eat...

Do you believe that? You are what you eat? I really do. I've been heavily exercising for the last year and have been trying to watch what I eat, how I eat and when I eat. I can tell that when I do eat right I have the necessary strength and energy to weight train and endure one hour cycling class. (!) Eating well for me means that I need to eat more protein. I eat well already, don't eat snack foods and drink only water...and lots of it. But I know I need more protein for my body to function correctly. So it's a daily task to make sure I give myself good things only.  (Yes, I fail sometimes and eat can you resist??!! )

My mother-in-law came over yesterday looking poorly and still sick from a few weeks ago. We talked about what type of food she's been eating. Well, she's never been one to take much care of herself...and I think that she just never learned. But my husband and I suggested she keep a food journal. Write down EVERYTHING she eats and drinks for a few weeks. I also said she should write down what she does, how she slept the night before, and other pertinent info.

She came by today and looked much better. I asked if she ate breakfast and she said she had. Well, imagine that!! If you eat correctly, you feel better.

Try it and I bet you'll feel better too!

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  1. I truly believe this too! A lot of us eat food that we don't realize we are allergic too -- because you don't have the severe reaction you don't know it isn't good for you....

    Amazing that she had such quick results! Have a great day sweetness ;-D