Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sewing Machine Cover

You can find patterns online for your sewing machine, but the ones I've seen don't allow for the clear slide-on table that I like to keep on my machine.  Plus I usually like to do my own thing.

I began by creating my own pattern. I roughly measured the height, width and depth of the machine and added a bit for seam allowances. I cut the blue fabric to the size and pinned it, WRONG sides together.  This blue fabric looks great the "right" way and the "wrong" way, so I made use of both on the sides and edges.

I quilted the front and back with my walking foot with the guide in a diagonal pattern. It looks really great.
I sewed all the pieces wrong sides together so I could stitch on a bias binding over the seams. I added in openings for my cords on the right hand side.

It sort of looks like a big covered toaster(!), but I am pleased with it.  On the left hand side I had to add in some inverted pleats to account for the slide-on table(that I didn't realize was much wider than the did I miss that?!)

I learned a lot along the way.  There are so many steps I didn't do in order that would have made it so much easier to stitch had I thought about them before I began stitching.  I have a new-found respect for people who  make patterns.  It takes a lot of brain power and time.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Felted Art Quilt...for now

Just "finished" beading this needle felted piece. I started it out by playing with some gorgeous colors of wool...then onto adding fibers and finally beads and sequins. I'm thinking it will become the front of a book cover..maybe for a composition book???