Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Take 5 Quilt finally finished!

Woo-Hoo, look at me! I've finished two quilts in one week.  That UFO pile is getting smaller. :-)

This was the very first quilt top that I pieced and I'm now finally finished with it.  It's a Take 5 Quilt that I started at a class at my local quilt store back at the beginning of the year.  My #2 son is using it on his bed as he has been begging for one since I made one for #3 son. I will make him one with colors he wants later, but at least I now only have one son (the #1) who is looking for his quilt. I'm actually glad they like what I make and that they don't look at the imperfections because there are plenty...let me tell ya!

What have I learned about  piecing and quilting since making this quilt?
  • I sure am glad the fabric was already cut as a kit. That way we got to learn piecing and not have to worry about cutting.  A BIG plus for a person like me who comes from paper crafting. Give me a paper trimmer and I'm fine...but ask me to use a rotary cutter and I'm all thumbs! I've gotten much better with a rotary cutter and an acrylic ruler, but at that time it was so confusing!
  • Whether a pattern lies on grain or not is vitally important to me. These pieces were already cut out for us in a kit as I previously stated. But the pattern is not on grain and so the stripes are wonky! UGH! I will definitely be taking a closer look at patterns next time. (If you couldn't tell..yes, it bothers me!)
  • As I went back to quilt this, I see how many mistakes I made in sewing.  It really takes a lot of practice to sew a straight line (insert googly-eyed emoticon). Since then, I've purchased a piecing foot with a 1/4" guide. What a difference it makes!  Plus I have learned to take my time and sew much straighter since then, too, but I won't even try it without my super-duper presser foot.
  • I need prints, especially large scale prints like these, to be straight on the border. The pattern is not straight on the border strips and next time I think I would take more time (and possibly more fabric) to ensure this rather anal person has the patterns lined up on the border.
  • I began the actual quilting of this months ago and as I went back in to quilt it more, I see the quilt wasn't smoothed out enough on the batting and there's some puckering. I would have taken out the stitches and redone it, but it was quilted quite a bit and I just let it go.  I am really trying to allow these first few quilts to be a learning practice for me.  I know I seem pretty concerned with details, and I am, but I have to allow time for the learning process. No one in my house will go through the quilt looking for things NOT done right.  They love what I make and appreciate the gift.  That's all I need right now.  Next time, I can make it better.

While I was sewing on the binding I broke a needle. There was a big crashing sound. So I changed the needle, but the sound was still there. So I cleaned the machine. Still here.  So I re-threaded everything.  No luck. Now I will be taking it in so Steve can adjust it.  It must be out of whack and I'm terrified to sew with it making noises.  So more sewing is delayed for a few days.  :-(

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