Sunday, June 5, 2011

Needle felting and metallic thread

I'm taking up another craft...What?...another one? Yes, I'm a sucker for beautiful things and I just can't help myself! (But I have to limit my crafting at some point...or do I?)

Needle felting is such an easy and portable craft. That's one reason I like it. You don't really have to think or design. What you plan may not happen as you place your roving/threads/fibers down and felt away. I took my supplies out to the porch yesterday and sat there just creating. It was a much-needed relaxing time. It was a beautiful day and I just wanted to play.

I used this 100% wool roving from Wistyria Editions. These colors are part of the #858 Wild Flowers assortment. I have two other assortment collections, too, and am just enamored with the fluffy feel and wonderful colors.

So here's what I made. Yep, part of the swap...this time fabric ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and not post cards.

I just love these cards! Besides the wonderful color and the portable-ness of needle felting, I've used fuchsia metallic thread! It is such a great addition to the softness of the base of craft felt and wool roving.

Series of 4 ATC's

What are you creating today?

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