Monday, May 30, 2011

Green Yellow and Orange Fabric Post Card

My "creative juices" weren't flowing too well today. It took me pulling out most of my fabric to decide on a project for my "Green, Yellow, and Orange" post card for the swap.
Let's go through the process.
First I chose this fabric. But it doesn't have any yellow or orange, you say....yes, I do realize that. It's coming. Cut to 4" x 6" post card size. I added a layer of tear-away stabilizer to the back and began free-motion stitching over the light and dark green areas.
Next, I hand cut a few quasi-flower shapes and stitched them in place.
Then it's time to add the orange...
Add a thick stabilizer, the post card image for the mailing side and satin stitch this sucker. I usually satin stitch two or three times around the perimeter to get it looking as thick as I like it.
And's a post card!
Off it goes to it's recipient...

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