Sunday, May 8, 2011

Apron Fabric Post Card

Here's another post card for my swap group, Trading Fabric Post Cards. This one is, obviously, with an Apron theme. The base is actually a salmon colored batik...not as orange-y as it's showing up here. The little tea pot, cup, and goodies are cut from cardstock-weight glitter paper and are adhered with foam squares for dimension. Off it goes in the mail to its recipient!! Hopefully, it will be in tact when it gets there.

I love receiving goodies in the mail. You must try it. I know it's "old school" to use snail mail, but it sure is fun! Remember when that was the way you communicated with your friends?? Writing letters? Seems so long ago. I think kids these days are missing out on some very wonderful things with the "too-much technology" that's going on now. What do you think?



  1. Shirley, I still send 'snail' mail, mainly Thank you notes! And I love getting a card or letter myself. It's quite sad our grand kids don't know what a rotary dial phone is let alone how to write a letter!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!