Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Showers Fabric Post Card

Here's my latest fabric postcard for a swap. The topic is "April Showers". It's with the Yahoo group "Trading Fabric Post Cards". Come join us. You sign up for only the ones you want to do. There are topics listed in the database and you just add your name to the list of the postcards you want to make. You usually have at least a month to complete and send off your postcard. It's so fun to be a part of a group. As the post cards come in you get to see everyone's different artistic "take" on a topic. We also trade fabric ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and Fat Books. Our definition of a Fat Book is a larger fabric page with semi-specific instructions. 10-12 people sign up and we make that many them and collect all the other 10 pages and add them to a fabric book with the binding of your choice.

Here's the page I made for my first Fat Book. We have 12 participants, each creating a different month of the year. When they all get to me I will have a 12-page Fat Book wonderfully created by other gals all across the US, Canada, and the UK. When they all come in I'll share the completed book. Only a few more pages and I'll have them all. Can't wait!

I signed up for the next Fat Book, too. That one will be with a theme of flowers. I chose tulips. My mom tells me that my grandfather had tulips growing in his garden. Although I don't remember it, they remind me of my grandfather. So every time I see tulips, I think of grandpa.

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