Monday, May 30, 2011

Green Yellow and Orange Fabric Post Card

My "creative juices" weren't flowing too well today. It took me pulling out most of my fabric to decide on a project for my "Green, Yellow, and Orange" post card for the swap.
Let's go through the process.
First I chose this fabric. But it doesn't have any yellow or orange, you say....yes, I do realize that. It's coming. Cut to 4" x 6" post card size. I added a layer of tear-away stabilizer to the back and began free-motion stitching over the light and dark green areas.
Next, I hand cut a few quasi-flower shapes and stitched them in place.
Then it's time to add the orange...
Add a thick stabilizer, the post card image for the mailing side and satin stitch this sucker. I usually satin stitch two or three times around the perimeter to get it looking as thick as I like it.
And's a post card!
Off it goes to it's recipient...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Fabric Post Cards

Here are two more post cards for our swap at Trading Fabric Post Cards. Come join's fun! It certainly gets me creating more often...which is definitely my goal!

The first is "Message in a Bottle". I had so much 3-D stuff on here I had to mail it in bubble wrap and a regular manila envelope!
  • 7gypsies glass bottle
  • variegated thread
  • hand dyed fabric
  • Angelina Fibers
  • colored threads
  • real sea shells
  • micro beads
The Chinese fortune reads: "There is no wisdom greater than kindness." I collect fortunes from Fortune Cookies. :-)
This next one is for the "Middle Initial" swap. You were to make a post card for the middle initial of the recipient of your card.
  • freehand cutting of the "M"
  • flower shaped sequins
  • beading

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Florida Fabric Post Card

Another fabric post card off to it's new destination for the Trading Fabric Post Cards swap. For this swap you create a post card of the state where you live. I had to add Lake Okeechobee and "The Keys"! Probably only a Floridian would know to include those! ;-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zentangle Fabric Post Card

It's nice to be the butt of your own jokes. HUH? Yes, I said it. I had to laugh at myself as I stitched this Zentangle post card to send off for the swap. I was never a doodler...I'm very left-brained, so I'm not good at Zentangle. Then, throw in the fact that I'm not too good at free motion stitching(yet!) and that's why the laughter. Here's my attempt at a fabric Zentangle post card. It is off "across the pond"...going to the UK tomorrow as I send it to it's recipient. She should get a kick out of this one...!

I must say, though, that I do like the black thread on the red batik fabric...OK, so there's one good thing about it! LOL! And my satin stitch is getting better... ;-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First quilt finished

I love not having this as a UFO (unfinished object)! It is actually the second quilt top I've pieced but the first that is actually finished..quilted and bound! YIPPEE. Colors were requested by my #3 son and he is happy to finally have it on his bed!

The pattern is Fab Five by Abbey Lane Quilts. I added an extra row of the irregular triangle shapes and two borders so it would fit on his twin sized bed.

The backing is a great red batik. I used black thread in the top and bobbin to quilt it, so you can see where I've outlined each line and angle. It's hard to see in this photo, but it's super cool!Now onto the rest of my UFO's!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Apron Fabric Post Card

Here's another post card for my swap group, Trading Fabric Post Cards. This one is, obviously, with an Apron theme. The base is actually a salmon colored batik...not as orange-y as it's showing up here. The little tea pot, cup, and goodies are cut from cardstock-weight glitter paper and are adhered with foam squares for dimension. Off it goes in the mail to its recipient!! Hopefully, it will be in tact when it gets there.

I love receiving goodies in the mail. You must try it. I know it's "old school" to use snail mail, but it sure is fun! Remember when that was the way you communicated with your friends?? Writing letters? Seems so long ago. I think kids these days are missing out on some very wonderful things with the "too-much technology" that's going on now. What do you think?


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore"

I love this postcard. It is one that I didn't want to send off to the swap...but I did. (Check out our swap group).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Showers Fabric Post Card

Here's my latest fabric postcard for a swap. The topic is "April Showers". It's with the Yahoo group "Trading Fabric Post Cards". Come join us. You sign up for only the ones you want to do. There are topics listed in the database and you just add your name to the list of the postcards you want to make. You usually have at least a month to complete and send off your postcard. It's so fun to be a part of a group. As the post cards come in you get to see everyone's different artistic "take" on a topic. We also trade fabric ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and Fat Books. Our definition of a Fat Book is a larger fabric page with semi-specific instructions. 10-12 people sign up and we make that many them and collect all the other 10 pages and add them to a fabric book with the binding of your choice.

Here's the page I made for my first Fat Book. We have 12 participants, each creating a different month of the year. When they all get to me I will have a 12-page Fat Book wonderfully created by other gals all across the US, Canada, and the UK. When they all come in I'll share the completed book. Only a few more pages and I'll have them all. Can't wait!

I signed up for the next Fat Book, too. That one will be with a theme of flowers. I chose tulips. My mom tells me that my grandfather had tulips growing in his garden. Although I don't remember it, they remind me of my grandfather. So every time I see tulips, I think of grandpa.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fabric-Covered Composition Book

I took another class at my local quilt shop on Sunday. Do I really need a fabric-covered composition book? No, it's not necessarily about the project. But this pattern from Indygo Junction is a cutie and definitely easy to follow. The reason I take classes is to glean valuable sewing info from the instructors. Melody, who taught the class and is the store owner, is an award winning garment seamstress. Guess what? She always adjusts the patterns and adds her little tweaks of goodness. For this class she added in needle felting, bobbin stitching, and decorative sewing. You can't get that from a regular pattern. Plus you get to ask all those burning questions you have as you sew. I got to ask about types of wool roving to use, where to get it, what else would work, etc. We got to use the Bernina Needle Punch Tool and a Clover Needle Felting Tool (yes, I had to purchase the felting tool and large mat! I have big plans for it!)

Here's the closed book front. We made crazy patch fabric and did some decorative stitching with bobbin stitching:

We felted the front center piece and added free motion stitching:

There's an inside pocket for pens(the pattern has a little pocket for biz cards, too)

The back has some decorative stitches with regular thread. I'm so loving that diagonal striped fabric. It made is so easy to add the stitches.
I can't say enough about shopping at your local "Mom & Pop" shops. They have put in so much time and energy(not to mention money) to have a great store for you. Do you want the quilt stores to go the route of scrapbooking stores? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, they are basically all gone...the "Joanne's" and "Michael's" may last, but you've got to put your money into local shops and restaurants if you want them to stay.